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Debbie Lindsay

Los Angles, CA

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I draw in my spare time, which I wish I had more of.

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I draw in my spare time, which I wish I had more of.

I completed a Contemporary Arts degree in the early 2000's back in Australia. During this time I spent much of my time creating multi-media illustrations that were a combination of pencil illustration, photography and digital manipulation. Since graduating I've moved almost primarily towards illustration. I have never quite grown out of my colouring pencils.

For the longest time I’ve been inspired by the world of fairy tales, myth, and story books especially Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. These days I'm exploring darker themes and am especially interested in the rise of Creepypastas and Urban Legends.

Right now I'm actually working towards a Ph.D in Social Psychology but I will always be an artist. It keeps me sane and I love that I can share that with other people.